Dr. Maud Devolder




Publications in Topoi

Article 2016
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Inproceedings 2015
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Article 2015
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Article 2015
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Article 2015
Maud Devolder, "Review of “The Making of the Middle Sea: A History of the Mediterranean from the Beginning to the Emergence of the Classical World”. By Cyprian Broodbank. Pp. 672, figs. 338, color pls. 49. Oxford University Press, Oxford 2013. $49.95. ISBN 9780169999781 (cloth)", in: American Journal of Archaeology, 119.1 (2015)
Article [inpress]
Maud Devolder, "Review of “Elite Minoan architecture: its development at Knossos, Phaistos, and Malia”. By Joseph W. Shaw. Pp. 196. Prehistory monographs, 49. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press, 2015. ISBN 9781931534772", in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review, ([inpress])
Article [inpress]
Maud Devolder, "Les murs en blocage protopalatiaux des Magasins Ouest du palais de Malia", in: Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique, 138.2 (2014) ([inpress])
Article [inpress]
Maud Devolder, Ilaria Caloi and Thérèse Claeys, "Malia. Etudes complémentaires aux 'Magasins Dessenne'", in: Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique, 138.2 (2014) ([inpress])